If you get a new jobIf you get a new job

When you change jobs, it is a good idea to look at your pension scheme. Your new position may involve higher or lower contributions, and your insurance policies may be different and provide more or less cover than before.

A new contract of employment often goes hand in hand with a new pension scheme. A job change is therefore an ideal occasion for you to make sure that your contributions and insurance policies still meet your specific needs. This is true both if you change into a job with a pension scheme - and not least if you change into a job without a pension scheme.

Check your new conditions
You can always continue to pay into your existing pension scheme with us. And if you are offered a new scheme, it is a good idea to examine whether it is worthwhile to transfer your existing pension scheme to the new scheme.

Once you have examined whether the new scheme meets your needs, you can also assess whether you have sufficient influence on how much of your contribution goes to savings and how much to insurance. In many cases, the employer determines this percentage distribution in advance. In all circumstances, it is a good idea to consider whether you want supplementary savings and insurance cover.

Your options

  • You can choose to continue your pension scheme with a new employer.
  • You can arrange for your existing scheme to continue as a personal pension scheme.
  • You can transfer your pension to another pension company or a bank.
  • You can suspend your pension contributions.
  • You can take your entire pension, subject to 60% tax to the State and a fee.
  • We can help you gain an overview of your options, and you are always welcome to call us or write to us.

Expatriation - if you move abroad with your job
If you become an expatriate employee, you move abroad to live and work in another country while still being connected to a company in Denmark. We can customise your pension scheme to suit your specific needs - in terms of both housing and taxation. Contact us on tel. +45 70 11 25 25 - no matter whether you have a personal or an occupational pension scheme.

Call us
You are always welcome to contact us. Let us discuss your conditions and advise you on what steps to take to ensure you still feel you have adequate cover.

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