Nordic Solutions

Danica Pension's Nordic Solution is a simple concept with 4 countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Danica Pension is the only life and pension provider on the market operating across the Nordic region - this clear advantage enables us to meet the common needs and requirements of multinational companies with operations in more than one Nordic country.​

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If your company has operations in more than one Nordic country and you have queries about pension related issues – please contact us.

We understand your business, your company’s specific pension and HR requirements in all the Nordic key territories.

Nordic contacts

Michael Hansen, Denmark/Sweden
Telephone: +46 703 533 190

Jens-Henrik Andreasen, Denmark/Norway
Telephone: +45 24 97 11 25

Micael Miler, Sweden
Telephone: +46 070 999 88 55

Saku Serpola, Finland
Telephone: +358 50 423 5933

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