Being an e-Customer

If you are an e-Customer with Danica Pension, you receive letters from us electronically in netpension (online access to your pension and insurance schemes with Danica Pension via your eBanking solution). You find the letters under “Dokumenter”. Please note that netpension is available in Danish only. 

Get a notification when we have sent you a letter
To get a notification, all you have to do is register your e-mail address in netpension. Log on, choose ”Dokumenter” and enter your e-mail address in ”Besked via mail”.

Not yet an e-Customer?
If you are not yet an e-Customer, you can also receive letters from us via netpension.

How to get letters via netpension
If you would like to receive letters from us in netpension, log on to netpension, choose “Dokumenter” and sign up.

If you do nothing
If you do nothing, we will continue to send you letters by ordinary post.

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