Annuity pension scheme

An annuity pension scheme gives you the freedom to continue your normal way of life - even though you have retired from active working life. The scheme guarantees you a regular monthly income when you retire. This gives you financial security because your annuity pension can replace your salary from day one and for instance supplement your early retirement benefits and state retirement benefits for up to 25 years.  

You can establish an annuity pension scheme right up to the day before the deadline for taking your pension, provided that your permanent address is in Denmark.

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The price of an annuity pension scheme depends on

  • how you want your savings to be invested
  • how much you contribute each month or each year
  • whether you have taken out insurance with us
  • whether you have a personal or an occupational pension scheme
  • whether your pension scheme is voluntary or chosen by your employer


When and how much
You can set up an annuity pension scheme from the age of 18 and until 15 years after you have reached your early retirement age. You decide how much you want to contribute each month, and the maximum annual amount eligible for tax relief is DKK 52400.

You can start taking your annuity pension from the date you reach your early retirement age, and the minimum payout period is 10 years. The maximum payout period is 25 years, counting from the date you reached your early retirement age. You will be liable to pay ordinary income tax on your pension.

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What if...
What is important to remember if you are getting married or become unable to work?

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