Life annuity

A life annuity pays you a regular income for life, no matter how long you live. There are no limits on how much you can pay into your scheme, or for how many years you can receive your pension income. A life annuity therefore gives you financial security for the rest of your life when you have retired.

Everyone with a permanent address in Denmark can set up a life annuity with us - there is no upper age limit.

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The price of a life annuity depends on

  • how you want your savings to be invested
  • how much you contribute each month or each year
  • whether you have taken out insurance with us
  • whether you have a personal or an occupational pension scheme
  • whether your pension scheme is voluntary or chosen by your employer


Who can set up a life annuity?
Everyone aged 18 and above is entitled to set up a life annuity. You can start taking your pension when you reach your early retirement age. You will be liable to pay ordinary income tax on your pension.

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What is important to remember if you are getting married or become unable to work?

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