Payout options

Do you prefer to take your entire pension as a lump sum or as income for a specified number of years... or perhaps for the rest of your life? This primarily depends on the life you wish to live in retirement.

At Danica Pension, you can freely choose from different pension schemes, but you can also combine the payout options. We would be pleased to help you identify which solution is best for you.

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Payout options cover the following topics

Retirement savings

Have your savings disbursed as a lump sum or as several smaller disbursements – the choice is yours.

Retirement savings

Annuity pension scheme

Maintain your lifestyle in retirement with a regular monthly income.

Annuity pension scheme
Life annuity

Provide yourself with a monthly income for life, giving you the freedom to enjoy it.

Life annuity

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What if...
What is important to remember if you are getting married or become unable to work?

What if
Would you like to have the flexibility to change your risk profile?
With Danica Balance, you can always switch to another investment option that matches your age and life circumstances.

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