If you marry or divorce

If you get married, any assets and property belonging to you and your spouse will automatically become community property. You may also choose that all or part of your assets or property should remain separate property.

When you want to provide for each other
Already before the wedding, it is a good idea to look at your own and your partner’s insurance policies and pension schemes. As a family, you are most likely interested in providing for each other financially – and therefore you may have to change your life insurance or make a will providing for your spouse and your children. 

Secure income
If you become unable to work for a certain period of time, insurance against loss of earning capacity can protect you by providing a monthly income that enables you to continue meeting your joint financial obligations. You may also consider taking out a life insurance that can help your partner maintain his or her standard of living if you die prematurely. 

Pay any extra pension contributions separately
If you wish to pay any extra contributions into your pension scheme, it is important to be aware that the amount will perhaps be included in the division of property if you are divorced or separated later on. Therefore you may consider paying your contributions separately so that an amount is paid into each of your pension schemes.

When you get married, it is important to be aware that

  • with community property, you have to split your assets in case of divorce or death
  • the person signing the purchase contract when you for instance purchase a car or a boat is the person with the right of disposal of the property
  • community property does not mean that you are liable for each other’s debt. The person taking out the loan is the person responsible for repaying it.

If you are getting a divorce, you should remember that

  • your will or the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy may have to be changed
  • one of you may have to pay maintenance
  • it is often a good idea to consult a lawyer.

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