Useful advice if you become ill

When employees become ill, experience shows that the best chances of staying at work are when early and coordinated efforts are made. It is therefore important that you, your employer, the job centre and your GP come together to find out what it takes for you to be able to stay at your workplace or find a job elsewhere.

On this page, you can find information about what you, your employer and the local authority can do if you become ill for a certain period of time.

Danica Pension would like to make a positive difference so that you, as a customer, feel that we have provided valuable help during your sick leave.

Get help from a counsellor
Social legislation is complicated, and finding your way round public systems may be filled with challenges. The counsellors of Danica Pension can help you get a clear overview by providing advice on public benefits payable in connection with long-term illness and their relation to payouts under insurance schemes.

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As a general rule, sickness benefits are payable for a maximum of 52 weeks within an 18-month period. If you receive pay during illness, the sickness benefits will be paid to your employer.

Possibility of extension
Most people become worried about the future when the sickness benefit period is about to expire.   You can avoid worrying too much if you have an in-depth conversation with your local authority early on to discuss your thoughts about your future. On this occasion you can also ask whether your GP and the local authority believe that you will be entitled to an extension of the sickness benefit period. There are several situations where this possibility may arise, for instance if your capacity for work must be assessed, or if your GP is certain that you will get well enough to work when your illness has been treated.

When the sickness benefit period expires
If your sickness benefit period is not extended, you are entitled to a reasoned refusal in writing based on your resource profile. You must receive the refusal not later than 14 days prior to expiry of the sickness benefit period.

Entitlement to social assistance
You are entitled to social assistance, unless you have other income support possibilities. The scheme you have taken out with Danica Pension may affect your entitlement to social assistance and the amount you are entitled to. 

Help from your local authority
Remember that you are still entitled to advice and guidance from your local authority – including help to return to work. You have this right regardless of whether you are entitled to benefits such as social assistance, a flexible working arrangement or anticipatory pension.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any doubts about your entitlements.

Avoid isolation
Experience shows that when you are ill, it does not take long before there is a risk you may isolate yourself, lose your self-esteem and become locked into the role of a sick person. By keeping in touch with your workplace, you maintain your professional and social contacts and make sure that your qualifications, competencies and knowledge are up to date. This is of great value to yourself and is at least as important for your employer.

Local authority schemes
The local authority may offer different solutions that make it easier for you to return to work. Among these are

  • Part-time sick leave – instead of full-time sick leave.
  • Compensation to employers in the event of increased absence - Section 56 agreement.
  • Reimbursement of technical aids/changes to the workplace layout.
  • Personal assistance – financial aid enabling employers to engage a practical assistant.
  • Assessment of your capacity for work through on-the-job training.
  • Flexible working arrangements – wage subsidies to employers.

The help you can get depends on a specific assessment of how much your capacity for work has been reduced. The help is provided by the local authority job centre.

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