Useful advice if you become ill

When employees become ill, experience shows that the best chances of staying at work are when early and coordinated efforts are made. It is therefore important that you, your employer, the job centre and your GP come together to find out what it takes for you to be able to stay at your workplace or find a job elsewhere.

On this page, you can find information about what you, your employer and the local authority can do if you become ill for a certain period of time.

Danica Pension would like to make a positive difference so that you, as a customer, feel that we have provided valuable help during your sick leave.

Get help from a counsellor
Social legislation is complicated, and finding your way round public systems may be filled with challenges. The counsellors of Danica Pension can help you get a clear overview by providing advice on public benefits payable in connection with long-term illness and their relation to payouts under insurance schemes.

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One of the concerns that comes to mind when you are ill is how your finances will cope during the period of illness. If your contract of employment entitles you to pay during illness, your employer will receive your sickness benefits for as long as you remain employed. If you leave your job, the local authority will pay sickness benefits directly to you.

Remember your insurance
If you are covered by insurance against loss of earning capacity, the insurance benefits will be payable when you have been on sick leave for at least three months. The waiting period may be three, six or 12 months depending on what was agreed when the insurance was taken out.

You can take out an insurance against loss of earning capacity either personally or as part of an occupational pension scheme. If it is a personal pension scheme, any payout will be made directly to you. If you are covered by an occupational pension scheme, the normal procedure is that your employer receives the payout for as long as you are employed and receive your salary.

Although the money from the insurance is not necessarily paid to you, it is still your responsibility to notify us of your illness. This is important so that your employer can receive financial compensation while you are on sick leave. And in this way you also have a better chance of staying in your job until a solution has been found to your future situation. 

In good time
If you expect that your period of illness will last more than three months, we encourage you to notify us as soon as possible - preferably before the expiry of the waiting period. You can perhaps talk to your employer about making a claim under the insurance when you hold your sickness absence meeting after four weeks of illness. When we know about your illness early on, we can help you clarify your situation so that you can hopefully return to work.

You are welcome to contact us if you feel that you cannot fully comprehend the financial consequences of your illness.

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