Health insurance for your children

Nothing matters more to parents than the health and wellbeing of their children. If they become ill, prompt access to treatment or perhaps surgery is of vital importance.

With Danica Child Health Insurance, your children will have access to treatment and medication at private hospitals as well as treatment by zone therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists or psychologists should they become ill. Also if this happens more than once.​

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Danica Child Health Insurance covers the expenses for the first consultation and any subsequent treatment and rehabilitation. It ensures that your children receive treatment whenever they need it. For instance at a private hospital where they will usually be admitted for prompt treatment.

Covers treatment, medication and rehabilitation
Danica Child Health Insurance covers expenses for consultations, preliminary examinations, surgery and medication. The insurance also protects you if your child needs a physiotherapist, chiropractor, zone therapist, acupuncturist or psychologist - subject to our prior approval. In addition, Danica Child Health Insurance covers rehabilitation when, for instance, your child has undergone surgery.

Parent accommodation
We will cover accommodation for one parent to stay overnight with the child in a hospital if we consider this necessary.

Children from two to 21 years
The insurance covers your children from the ages of two to 21 years. You can read more about when the insurance covers the children of your partner or cohabitant under "Prices and conditions" below.

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