Health insurance for yourself

Waiting lists or huge medical bills are probably the last things you want to worry about if you become ill or have an accident. With Danica Health Insurance, you can focus on getting well.

The product will give you fast access to both private hospitals and other healthcare providers, covering a range of your expenses from your first consultation to follow-up examination and rehabilitation.​

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With Danica Health Insurance, you need not worry about what is going to happen if you become ill or have an accident. You avoid long waiting lists and, as a result, enjoy the best chances of early recovery if you become ill.

Advantages of health insurance

  • early diagnosis of your condition
  • access to prompt treatment at a private hospital or from another healthcare provider
  • reimbursement of some of your expenses
  • possibility of tailoring your own health insurance to suit your specific needs
  • possibility of getting back to work sooner

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