Health insurance for yourself

Waiting lists or huge medical bills are probably the last things you want to worry about if you become ill or have an accident. With Danica Health Insurance, you can focus on getting well.

The product will give you fast access to both private hospitals and other healthcare providers, covering a range of your expenses from your first consultation to follow-up examination and rehabilitation.​

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We have structured Danica Health Insurance in modules. This means you can customise your own health insurance plan as our personal customer or check how you are covered within the limits your employer has agreed with us.

Basic module
The basic module of Danica Health Insurance covers your expenses for prompt treatment at a private hospital or from a specialist up to a maximum of DKK 1 million. If you have two or more modules, you can claim up to as much as DKK 1,5 million per year.

The basic module covers your expenses for

  • consultation and preliminary examination if followed by a diagnosis and subsequent treatment
  • own food, meals and private hospital care during hospitalisation
  • surgical treatment - inpatient as well as outpatient. Medical (non-surgical) and other treatments are only covered in connection with hospitalisation
  • having your treatment tested - also if multiple tests are needed
  • outpatient rehabilitation in Denmark if you have received surgical treatment. Rehabilitation has to be provided at a private hospital, by a medical specialist or a physiotherapist following GP referral. You can claim up to an amount equal to the rehabilitation allowance granted under the agreement with the National Health Service.

Module 1 - Physiotherapy, psychologist, dietician, etc.
You or your employer can choose to add Module 1 to your Danica Health Insurance plan. You will then be eligible to receive physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture or zone therapy. The module also pays some of your expenses for psychological treatment, and if your BMI is above 30, the module will cover consultations with a clinical dietician. In addition, the module covers expenses for medicines during the first six months following the first day of treatment.

Module 2 - Get well abroad
If you or your employer has decided to add Module 2, you can choose to receive treatment abroad, and you are eligible for assistance in your own home. You are also offered the possibility of taking a convalescent or treatment cure. If you have this module, you can claim up to as much as DKK 1,5 million per year.

Module 3 - Help for your children
With Danica Health Insurance, your employer may also have chosen to add Module 3. It covers your children living in Denmark,  if they become ill, have an accident and require treatment. It also provides cover if your children need to consult a psychologist, acupuncturist, chiropractor or zone therapist.

Module 4 - Treatment for gambling addiction and drug misuse
Under an occupational scheme, your employer may also choose to add Module 4 to the health insurance, allowing employees of the company to seek treatment for addiction problems, including addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling.

The insurance does not provide cover...
... the first three months after inception if it is a personal or a voluntary occupational pension scheme. You will only be reimbursed for your rehabilitation expenses if you undergo surgery. This could for instance be a knee operation. Cosmetic surgery and infertility treatment are not covered by the insurance.

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