Danica Select

If you want to manage your pension investments yourself, you should choose Danica Select. With Danica Select, you get complete freedom to influence the return on your pension savings.

You invest your savings in shares, bonds and unit trusts and have full control of your portfolio composition. Your contributions are paid into a cash account with an associated custody account, in which you keep your investments.

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If you have any questions about investments in your Danica Select scheme, you always contact Investing Direct on +45 70 20 22 96.​

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The price of a Danica Select scheme depends on

  • the level og your securities trading
  • the types of securities you trade
  • the regions that the traded securities come from


See prices and terms here

If you have Danica Select, you can see the prices here (in pdf).

Investment options

With Danica Select, you can trade in the following securities types:

  • Listed shares, except for illiquid shares from companies with a market capitalisation of less than DKK 50 million
  • State and local government bonds, mortgage bonds and the like
  • Simple share- and bond-based unit trusts which are listed on an exchange or for which the asset management company sets a price
  • ETFs with permission for marketing in Denmark

Danske Bank Group may choose to prohibit trading in individual securities, for example because of the Group's ownership position in a company. You cannot trade in the following securities types: corporate bonds, derivatives and similarly complex securities types.