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The history of Danica Pension is the story about the insurance company which, after 148 years as a state-owned company, was acquired by Baltica in 1991. Danica, and later on Danica Pension, became part of the Danske Bank Group in 1995.

1842 – Denmark’s first insurance company
When "Livsforsikrings Anstalten i Kjøbenhavn" held a general meeting right before Christmas in 1847, the company had 500 customers. 50 of these customers attended the general meeting to decide whether the company was to remain a state-owned company, or whether it was to be privatised.

The State would like to keep the insurance company and therefore made an offer that was hard to refuse. The entire amount saved during the company’s first five years would be paid as a bonus, and at the same time the board of directors intended to lower premiums. As a result, no one voted against the proposal.

1991 – The insurance company is put up for sale
After 148 years as state property, the company was put up for sale. There were many bids, but the best one came from Baltica. Statsanstalten, which had changed both its name and address several times over the years, moved into new premises in Kokkedal in 1991, and its name became Danica. However, the company had not arrived at its final stop.

1995 – Part of the Danske Bank Group
In October 1995, Danica became part of the Danske Bank Group and the company is now located in Kgs. Lyngby. Danica has specialised in pension schemes, life insurance and health insurance. In 1999, Danica sold its non-life insurance business to Topdanmark and changed its name to Danica Pension.

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