Data we have about you and how we use it

At Danica Pension, we want to give you the best advice and offer you the best solutions based on your life and needs. The better we know you, the better we can offer you the right advice and solutions at the right time, and therefore we register and use data about you.
Looking after your personal data in the same careful way as we look after your pension is fundamental for building and maintaining a strong relationship with you, and we take the relevant measures to protect your data and meet the requirements of the legislation.
New rules for the processing of personal data
From 25 May 2018, new rules apply to the processing of personal data by businesses, organisations and public institutions in the EU.
The new rules will also have an impact on you as a Danica Pension customer. In short, the intention of the rules is to enable you to get more insight into the data we have about you and what we use it for.
What personal data do we register and use?
Personal data is data that can be linked to you as a person.
Depending on the products or services you are interested in or have ordered, we register and use different kinds of personal data, for example:
  • Basic personal data, for example your name, contact information and national identification number (CPR-number)
  • Information about your profession, work or education
  • Information about your employer, if your scheme is an employer pension scheme
  • Financial information, for example your annual salary
  • Information about your family and household
  • Details about the products and services we provide to you, including how you use them and your preferences towards them.
Log on to Netpension to see the most significant data we have registered about you.
If you believe that we have data about you that is not up to date or irrelevant, you are always welcome to contact us to have it updated or deleted. Please note that legislation may require that we keep certain data for several years, also if you are no longer a customer of Danica Pension.
How data benefits you
We use your personal data to provide you the products and services you have with us, for example your pension savings and insurance coverings.

We also use your personal data to give you the best advice possible – for example on whether you are saving up enough for your pension and what insurance covers are suited to you and your life. We do this by giving you clear recommendations directly in your inbox, if you have given us consent so that we may contact you electronically.

Want to know more?
If you want to know more about what personal data, we have registered about you, you can contact us via the secure connection Just choose the topic “other”.

Feel free to contact us at +45 70 11 25 25.

Information about Danica Pension’s processing of personal data
Our “Information about Danica Pension’s processing of personal data” describes in detail what data we register, how we use it and your rights as a customer.